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Jeremiah 18:1 6
1. The word of the LORD that came to Jeremiah , saying,
2 . Arise, and go down to the potter's house , and there I will cause thee to hear my words .
3 . And I went down to the potter's house , and behold, he was doing his work on the wheels ,
4 . And the vessel that he made ​​of clay was broken in the potter's hand , has to do it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make .
5 . Then came the word of the LORD, saying,
6 . Can I not do with you as this potter , O house of Israel? Saith the LORD . Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hand , so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel .

Priest Antonio Almeida - Jeremiah 18:1-6

This is one of the most beautiful messages that Jehovah brings one of his prophets to be taken to all people . And looking at it I see God's concern as the person of the man who is nothing more than clay, because " primori " we must understand that there are three types of language must master to have a greater intellectual conception of the messages contained in bíbliasagrada and they are the literary language , figurative language , and language.
In this post we will see how one is born a real vase, for no one can deny that there are only a potter who has mastery of true technique to make a vase, but not any one vessel , but a sturdy vessel that supports the storms of life .
At these words I would like you to open your heart and let himself be touched by reading Potter , for only He can make you a new person .
But for that to be born a true new vessel is to take into consideration the four steps taken by the potter we know that He , Jehovah , the Lord of lords , King of kings .
You may not know , but there are about two hundred types of clay present in nature . Different types of clay , some stronger , some less , some lighter and others darker , some more links and other links without or with less , and therefore the true potter you should go to the place where the clay and clay is not bought at the grocery store , or pharmacy , and much less in a grocery store the roadside . Clay is in the mire , in the woods away from the city , away from the convivial society , the place is well within the sludge . If you think a bit you will see that the clay has a very strong smell , and is not a fragrant smell , or that is to say, they smell good , but only the potter has the ability to see in a lot of mud in the middle of the mud .
And there goes the potter , his name JEHOVAH , went looking for a clay that makes a good pot and bottom sludge saw no color and no smell a lot of mud ugly and smelly , it was me and you, then the potter stuck out his hand and took the clay .
No matter what you gunk came the important thing is that the Lord God separated you and looking at you like the eyes of a potter , saw something in his heart that attracted him and made ​​him pull a lot of mud sludge begin to imagine beautiful vase that you would . Alegre jubile your heart and with emotion , because He chose you . Do not accept words that others try entitle you , you are chosen of God , and that no one can deny , for every vessel arrives only if the clay pot .
The kneading CLAY
Well , after separating the clay and mud have imagined that he would give gorgeous vase , so the potter the clay will pass by some essential services , or if not so the clay could never be a good story that pot and pot bad does not break is pure lie of the devil , who is not toilet breaks good.
Well, now that the potter has the clay , it starts the process , and the first process is the kneading of the clay , but the clay must be kneaded by the potter ? I 'll explain . When the clay out of the mud it still carries some impurities , dirt , must be removed , and only then can the potter removes them through kneading .
That's why I see many people fall into the gutter . It is not to leave them the potter amassarem and remove all the dirt , because the process of kneading hurts , is not easy , but is necessary because we have impurities that must be removed , such as hatred , resentment , vanity , pride , lusts , addictions , because these things can not take even a vase .
Jehovah let you put your hands and then you will see that your life still has things that must be removed for you to have fellowship with the potter , and so the very potter deposit in you the confidence that you will make a really good pot .
After separating the clay , taking the sludge dirty and smelly , and after the process of kneading the clay clearing the bad things , the potter begins to shape the clay. Then the potter puts on the wheel and the wheel starts to spin , and with his hands he'll squeezing and molding , pressing and molding , and the clay will be starting to form .
This is also a painful process , because everything seems to revolve our lives , we were confused at first , everything revolves , and doubts begin to emerge , but nobody said it was easy to be a believer !
First the potter begins from the inside out , and their hands will in forming inside the bible says that the mouth speaks what the heart is full , which is why he saw from the inside out , squeezing and squeezing , so the rest of deformities are going away, and at the same moment that shapes inside it shapes out and then also this painful process the vessel acquires its shape and the eyes of the potter's vessel is now almost ready . Sometimes we think we're ready but a'o Potter reminds us of the last process .
We got to the last process , this process is fire . After all we have seen above , now the potter carefully prepares the furnace of fire , then takes the pot and put into the furnace that was already lit and close the oven leaving the pot in there for about twenty- four hours.
This is not magnificent. I know that seems unnecessary , but the fire takes away the stench and the heat of the furnace also close the purification process , as you do with the gold , because we know how much gold is in the larger fire is what we call " carat . "
The fire need not pass the ordeal , the struggles , hardships as many think , but the Bible says that when the three young men were thrown into the fire , they walked , then fear not .
But the fire that we should leave being taken by the potter is the fire of the Holy Spirit , this is the fire that every believer must have in your life . Today we speak of worship was pure fire , the pastor is pure fire , but the real fire potter's not true or just , lasting and is desired because the fire of the potter prepares us for everything .
After leaving the vessel at the right time in the furnace , the potter around and remove the pot from the oven , and now he sees that the glass is sturdy and no longer has that smell , and has much less impurities . Now the potter looks at his masterpiece and is happy because the vessel went through all the processes and won and is truly a new pot . Thus is born a vase .
We have many positions within the church , we want to be in the pulpit , we want something in our lives , but do not want to go through the processes that will lead us to be someone prepared to undertake the task , because without going through the process of birth of a vase , you never be able to do anything in the potter's house .
Let the potter catch you , touch you , take you to the fire and see how wonderful life is to serve as a vessel for honor, and not to dishonor. Perhaps now we can understand why many fall in life.

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