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New Translation of the Bible in Today's Language

Ezek. 37.1 I felt the powerful presence of the Eternal God Yahuh, and his spirit took me and put me in the middle of a valley where the land was covered with bones.
Ezekiel 37.2 He took me for a ride everywhere in the valley, and I could see there were many bones, lots of it, and were completely dry.

1 - the powerful presence of the Eternal God Yahuh = is the visitation of the Spirit of the Eternal God Yahuh with the new covenant, which was in the person of His beloved Son, our Prince and Saviour Yahushuah;
2 - the valley of dry bones = the earth was the sin of Adam, because there was no promise of salvation of souls to the present moment;
3 - is completely dry = means that those people had only promises of an earthly life, death, ie live in Yahushalaim (Jerusalem) and enjoy the goods of the promised land, guided and governed by the Torah;

Ezekiel 37.3 Yahuh Then the Lord God said to me - of man, these bones may have life again? I replied: - Yahuh Eternal God, only you know whether they can. Ezekiel 37:4 He said: - Prophesy to these bones. Tell these dry bones to give attention to the message of the Eternal God Yahuh.
Ezekiel 37.5 Say that I, the Eternal God Yahuh, I'm telling you this: "I will put breath into you and make them live again.

1 - pay attention to the message of the Eternal God Yahuh = mean hear the gospel of the Savior Yahushuah Ha-Mashiach, which would bring the new Law, the Law of Yahushuah Gal. 6, 2;
2 - I will live again = means that by fulfilling this prophecy in Matityahuh (Matthew) 27, 52 and 53 Yahuh the Eternal God raised up all who have heard the gospel preached by the Saviour during the three Yahushuah and a half days, the people who died from Adam to the death of Moshiach Yahushuah, He was preaching to these spirits who were in prison.

PS: it has nothing to aver Gentiles and Hebrews, Greeks and Barbarians who believe in the New Covenant; those who believed in the One Eternal God and true Yahuh Yahushuah Ha-Mashiach Yahonan his beloved Son (John) 17, 3 have life eternal, that is, flesh and blood would turn to dust, most people's souls eternally viviriam an immortal body.

I'll give Ezekiel 37.6 tendons and muscles and skin cover. I will put breath into you and make them live again. Then you will know that I am the Eternal God Yahuh. "
1 - tendons, muscles and skin = are the bodies of the souls of those who died from Adam until the day of death Yahushuah Matt. 27, 52 and 53 which is the heavenly body, that all these people were to be resurrected.

You can also say that quality is the new doctrine, that people would be guided and shaped by the new Law, the Law of the Kingdom of the Eternal God Yahuh James 2, 8;
2 - a breath into you = want to say that they all received the Spirit of the Eternal God Yahuh and resurrected and given white robes and were placed under the altar of Yahushuah.

Figurative sense of preaching, one can say that we receive the Holy Spirit Yahuh the Eternal God, who is living in our hearts as our bodies, with the fulfillment of the prophecy of Joel 2, 28, became the temple of the Holy Spirit and lived Yahuh the Eternal God.

37.7 So Ezekiel prophesied as I had received. As I spoke, I heard a noise. They were the bones coming together with each other, each in his own place.
1 - noise = mean bone formation of the souls of the dead, preparing for the resurrection of Adam to the death of Yahushuah, which is also used as the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost;

2 - raking up each other = mean the formation of the souls of the dead, preparing for the resurrection, that can also be used for understanding language, that every one listened to people talk in their own language;

Ezekiel 37.8 As I watched, the bones were covered with tendons and muscles and then skin. But there was no breath in them.
Ezekiel 37.9 Yahuh Then the Lord God said to me - of man, prophesy to the wind (spirit). Explain that the Lord God is sending Yahuh he comes from all directions to blow on these dead bodies so that they may live again.

1 - to be covered with muscles, tendons and skin = is the formation of bodies of souls, they would receive the Spirit to live again, that is: Resurrect Matthew 27, 52 and 53.
2 - the wind come and enter the bodies of people to live = is the resurrection of the souls of Adam to the death of Yahushuah. What you can also illustrate how the outpouring of the Spirit of the Eternal God Yahuh the life of each one;

Ezekiel 37.10 So I prophesied as I had received. Breath entered the bodies, and they lived again and stood up. There were so many people that could form a huge army.
1 - = is the great army of the church Yahuh Eternal God, who was married to him through the torah Yarmyahuh (Jeremiah) 31, 31 and 32. Tamém can illustrate with the Bride of Yahushuah which consists of all tribes, races and languages, all who left paganism and accepted the new covenant in the blood of the Lamb of God Eternal Yahuh and were baptized in the Name of the Savior Yahushuah Ha- Moshiach and accepted the new doctrine the Divine Duality;

Ezekiel 37.11 Yahuh And the Lord God said to me - of man, the people of Yahushorul (Israel) is how these bones. They say they are dry, without hope or future.
Ezekiel 37.12 Therefore, prophesy to my people Yahushorul and tell them that I, the Eternal God Yahuh, will open the graves of them, and I will take out, and bring them back to the land of Yahushorul.

A future without hope or = mean for Jews keepers of the Law of Moses, who had been benefited by the award for entering the promised land, there was no hope of salvation of their souls;
2 - open the graves of them mean = resurrect all who had died from Adam to the death of Yahushuah! You can also send it to illustrate the spirit of Moshiach Yahushuah to live in their hearts for those who would believe in the duality of the Eternal God Yahuh, which is the new Law, the Law of Yahushuah;

Ezekiel 37.13 I open the tombs where my people are buried and I'll take them out, there will know that I am the Lord God Yahuh.
1 - to strip them out of sepúclos = mean the resurrection of all, that for those who had died from Adam to the death of Yahushuah because Yahushuah was to preach the gospel to them in spirit;

Ezekiel 37.14 I will put my breath in them, and make them live again, and let them live in their own land. Then they will know that I am the Eternal God Yahuh. I promised I would do this and do it. I, the Lord God Yahuh, said.
1 - the per breath and make it live again = mean the resurrection of the dead who heard the voice of the Messiah in the Spirit, were blessed with the salvation of their souls and will have the new land, the new planet that will down from heaven;
2 - to live in their own land = means that the Eternal Kingdom of God Yahuh going to be here and nobody will live in Heaven, for the land of Canaan to the Jews was Hebreues;

Ezekiel 37.15 Yahuh And the Lord God spoke to me again. He said:
Ezekiel 37.16 - Son of man, take a tablet and write it as follows: "The Kingdom of Yahuda (Judah), including the people of the Kingdom of Yahushorul who live in it." Then take another tablet and write: "The Kingdom of Yahushorul, represented by the tribe of Ephraim, and including all other Jews who live in it. "
Ezekiel 37.17 Then hold the two tablets together in your hand so that they seem one.
1 - This gathering of the tribes of the sons of Yahushorul = mean the fall of the wall of separation between Jews and Gentiles, as the Eternal God Yahuh accepted to all who accept the new law;

Ezekiel 37.18 When your people ask what it means,
Ezekiel 37.19 say that I the Lord God Yahuh, picked up the tablet representing Yahushorul and put together with representing Yahuda. Of the two tablets and one I will hold you in my hand.
Ezekiel 37.20 - Take the tablets on hand when you wrote and let the people see them.
1 - the two tablets = mean the two laws, the deAdão and of Moshe (Moses);
2 - do one = to say that the Eternal God Yahuh would make a new law, the Law of the Kingdom of the Eternal God Yahuh, or the Law of Yahushuah;

Ezekiel 37.21 Then tell them that I, the Eternal God Yahuh, take away the Jews from the nations where they went. I will gather them and bring them back to their own land.
1 - this gathering here was a warning about what would happen with Yahudims, after the death of Yahushuah, 70 d. C. When they were disperços among all nations and was fulfilled after the second world war, when all nations, led Yahudims who lived on his terms, back to Yahushalaim, not to say anything about the promise of eternal life for them, but rather, a zeal for the Lord God has Yahuh with this people;

Ezekiel 37.22 I will make them one nation in the land in the mountains of Yahushorul. They have one king to rule over them and will no longer be divided into two nations, not separated into two kingdoms.
1 - today we know that the Hebrew nation lives with a single government, no more and the Mashiach Yahushuah and also there is no division between Yahudah and Benjamin Levy or as it was before.

Ezekiel 37:23 does not stain more with idols, nor with filthy actions, nor the sins of disobedience. I will deliver you from all your ways of sin and betray me. I will cleanse them, and they shall be my people, and I will be their God.
1 - here the prophecy changes again started talking about the future of the people of the Eternal God Yahuh together, which is the new Yahushorul the Yahushorul Yahuh the Eternal God: Gal. 6:16 And to all who follow this rule in your life, peace and mercy be upon them and all the people of the Eternal God Yahuh!

Ezekiel 37.24 A king like my servant David the rule. All have one governor and faithfully obey my laws.
1 - equal to the King Davy = is our Prince and Saviour Yahushuah Ha-Mashiach, the new planet will descend from heaven;

Ezekiel 37:25 They will live in the land that I gave to my servant Yacov, the land where their ancestors lived. They will live there forever, they, their children and all their descendants. A king like my servant David to rule forever.
1 - to live on land that was promised the servant of the Eternal God Yahuh Yacov = means that the Lord God has not promised Yahuh abode of man in heaven, but rather here and the new earth will come down from heaven and we will live in it here;

2 - to live there forever = means that the earth is the abode of man difinitiva and not in heaven;
3 - The "A king like my servant David to rule forever" = is the government's millennial Yahushuah, it will be here on the new planet, ie: the new earth that will descend from heaven, we mean brothers?

[B] Thus, the famous promise of going to live in Heaven, is ruled out, no one, no man will dwell in heaven, where is the throne of the great God Yahuh! The words of our hymns from hymnals or the CCB should be corrected as they are prometende one thing that no one will have. Our ministry has to police itself on this flange promise of man to live in Heaven, love brothers? May the Lord God be praised Yahuh.

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